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The Membership Committee is tasked with growing the St. Louis Chapter of I2SL.  Our main goal is to recruit new members and encourage them to actively participate in our group.  As part of the membership committee, we would ask that you help us with promotion of our chapter and it’s ultimate goal, to promote sustainable practices in laboratories. Contact the membership committee leader to join.


Details coming soon!


The website and newsletter committee manages the website content, the monthly newsletter content, and any special announcements that are made by the St. Louis Chapter. This committee will meet monthly to discuss newsletter content and themes, and will meet as needed to enhance the website and our visitors’ experience. Contact the website committee leader to join.


This committee is focused on establishing programs that educate and inspire all of us to learn and become engaged in sustainable facilities and practices to promote safe and efficient laboratory environments in the St. Louis region and beyond. Lab issues like chemical management, equipment energy usage, steam vs. water eco vs. heat sterilization, ultra-low freezer management, workplace comfort & efficiency, including COVID-19 are best handled by researchers, staff, students, and administration working together to face these challenges every day. Our committee will work together to brainstorm on these issues, develop schedules to study them, prepare webinars, conduct education days and present at national as we look for opportunities to increase our STL chapter’s contact and support in the global sustainable environment. Contact the programming committee leader to join.


Details coming soon! Contact the publicity committee leader to join.

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